Currently forming . . .
Ɍáithold Cooperative Union is intended as a unique Cooperative Capitalist, Federated Union of Creative Communities of Practice governed by a Technocratic variant of Sociocracy.

Much as a federal credit union, we strive to enable Economic Democracy for Social Democracy by technically extending those business fundamentals, providing deeply engaged fiscal sponsorship to our Micro Industrial Cooperatives through Critical Intelligence and Infrastructure as a Service.

This level of high personalization reduces systemic costs, while better managing the inherent risks of innovation characteristically borne by this primary constituency and their corresponding Ancillary Cooperative service organizations.

*Note: This is a rebranding of the ongoing project to found a federated union of micro industrial work cooperatives, formerly named Fleet Realta Cooperatives.

Ɍáithold Cooperative is Cultural Technology, an Intentional Common Sense designed to enable collaborative insight, analysis, and synthesis, with the overarching aim of optimizing human strengths, while accommodating fundamental human limitations.

As a federated union, we are uncompromisingly dedicated to serving the public good via public-private partnerships, building instrumental fusions of software, hardware, wetware that promote healthy, fit, thriving communities, thus a social contract explicitly requiring the reinvention of our critical infrastructure.

In the execution of this ArtScience, we own a moral context that demands the processes of labor and its fruit be equitably just in its apportionment, accessible and accountable, characteristically adaptive, flexible, and highly resilient, for our lives and prosperity.

Ɍáithold Cooperative, a society purpose-built for life in a volatile world.